2018/2019 Racing Schedule and Team Members

This page will be updated soon to reflect the upcoming racing schedule! 

Tahquamenon Classic Sled Dog Race
Muskallonge State Park
Newberry, Michigan
Saturday, January 7, 2017

Midnight Run
Marquette, Michigan
Friday, February 16-19, 2017

Copper Dog
Calumet, Michigan
March 3-5, 2017


The Leaders
Big Brown, 7, who is neither big or brown, but is named after a race horse. Nicknamed BB, she is a small 40 lb female but has tons of drive and will shoulder her partner into a turn if they hesitate :)

Sister to Big Brown (and also named after a race horse), 7-year-old Ruffian,  is the cheerleader for the team. If we aren't moving fast enough, she barks orders (literally) to step it up!

Brother to Perry, 4-year-old Tosh is a star in this liter. Super gentle, sensitive boy with an absolutely breathtaking gait. Beautiful smooth lope. He led the entire 40 miles during the 2014 Copper Dog bringing us a 9th place finish! 


Cinder, 5 years old, quickly turned into a superstar and kennel favorite. Cinder is a joyful girl who loves to lope and run up in point position.

Perry, 4 years old, is a super hard working larger male with a fast gait. Tons of potential! 

Additions to Team Diamond Dogs:

The yearlings

Blaze was the first born of the little monsters from last year. Now two, he shows strong potential as a leader already. 

Halo is the angel and omega in the pack of puppies, but a promising hopeful for Team Diamond Dogs
Mirage, the pretty gray twin sister to Halo, is super athletic and driven. I have high hopes for this girl! 

Voodoo, the one brown remaining puppy from the little monsters, who is very playful and social but fast. Also have high hopes for her too! 

Returning to Team Diamond Dogs:

Kennel Matriarch and Puppy Trainer:

Fiona has a long history under her harness, from the U.P. 200, to the Beargrease and Copper Dog 150. She is just getting warmed up after 20 miles. This season, she will be puppy trainer and kennel matriarch and enjoy a life of semi-retirement. 

The Little Monsters: We are pleased to announce the birth of Cinder's second litter of "Little Monsters!" Cinder had a litter of 9 beautiful, healthy puppies on April 20, 2016.

In loving memory:
Two of Cinder's beautiful puppies passed away in October, 2014. We will never forget them. You can read their individual stories below.

Elise and eight-week old, Mojo. Rest in Peace, darling Mojo. Read his story here

Elise and six-week old Feist. Rest in Peace, Feisty girl. Read her story here

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