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Alaskan huskies born Memorial Day, 2018!! 

Available July 16, 2018! 

Hi and thank you for your interest in adopting a dog/puppy!

Our Alaskan huskies are descendants of a long line of athletes whose ancestors have raced in the world famous Iditarod, the 1,100 mile sled dog race across Alaska. Therefore, they are happiest with active families. They make great pets and are quite friendly and adaptable, and unlike the AKC Siberian huskies, Alaskan huskies tend to be more loyal and not run off so easily. They’re very smart and highly trainable, and need to be able to run, play, and receive lots of exercise to harness their energy. They also are more varied in their looks, with spots, multi-colors, and can have blue or brown or gold colored eyes.

We want to ensure all of the dogs we place in homes will have a long happy life with their new owners. If you are interested in adopting a husky, please fill out a short information sheet below to help us better determine the best fit for the puppies. Click HERE for the questionnaire:

Thank you!
Shannon Miller

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