Sunday, April 13, 2014

There is no joy in Mudville: spring update, and talkin' dawg by Skype

... and, just like that, we are plunged into spring. And rain. And mud. As of this writing, it has been raining for two days straight.

I am probably the only person on earth who hates spring. When expressing such a sentiment, I'm usually met with less than favorable responses.

"How could you hate spring? Spring is a time of rebirth..." yada yada

My response can be summed up in one word: mud.

Forgive me, but I hate spring. Despise it.
Me, covered in mud. This happens daily during chore time

Every year, I struggle with the equivalent of what others experience in the fall. S.A.D. or "Seasonal Affective Disorder" is "Spring Affective Disorder" for me, or end-of-mushing-season-itis. Racing season is over. The thing I've worked for and focused on for six months culminated into a finale and done. I feel aimless, lost without the pressure of miles.

Now that spring has sprung, Miles (the dog) and I are looking for speaking engagements to keep us busy and educate others about this awesome sport.

We recently did a Skype session with Roaring Brook Elementary School in Chappaqua, New York. Skype sessions are a fun way for the dogs and I to bring educational sessions to schools and libraries across the country (or even farther) thanks to the wonderful interwebs! What did we do before the Net?

During this session, my main lead dog, Big Brown, decided to play education dog for a change. She was resting in the house after the Midnight Run. Turns out, she is a natural ham for the kids and the camera. Recently, the kids at Roaring Brook sent me the photos from their end of our Skype session, and they are hilarious.

Look at those choppers! Big Brown looks positively thrilled to be talking to the students at Roaring Brook Elementary!

The students were very attentive and had lots of questions during our session. Big Brown was happy to answer every one with a smile on her face :)

Big Brown, still smiling for the camera

I'd like to give a big thank you to Christine Eidem, Library Media Specialist at Roaring Brook for having Big Brown and I talk to the students at Roaring Brook. Thank you!

If you would like to schedule an educational presentation in your school, library, assisted living facility or other location, give us a shout! And, as always....