Tuesday, April 22, 2008

While walking the other night with Sasha, the smell of lilacs and magnolias unmistakably permeated the air. And yesterday, it could be avoided no longer: I had to break down and mow the lawn - the first of what will be weekly occurrences from now until October. Spring is officially here. Sigh. I can hope for snow no longer.
It's hard to believe just six weeks ago, we were buried in 18 inches of the stuff.

It's also hard to believe that in just three and a half weeks, Sophie will be nine. I remember driving home from St. John's hospital in Jackson Hole with tiny Sophie over the mountain pass. It snowed as we drove over the border into Idaho. It was May 21, 1999.

Now she gets e-mails and phone calls from school friends about boys. And she read Charlotte's Web and gave up eating bacon.

In three and a half weeks, Elise will be four.

And in nine weeks, I will leave healthcare once again, having finished up my contract at Summa Barberton Hospital.

And in just a matter of months, I will be 36. And what have I done?

What will you do? How will you leave your mark?

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