Saturday, September 25, 2010

New members of the pack

Fall is in full swing, and breezy days make great line-drying for the sheets.

Fall is also such a busy time. My days are consumed with teaching, planning, and helping my own kids with their school work.

Some new developments at the Ranch happened this past week, however. For one, we welcomed two new members of the pack:

Tak and Aspen.

Tak, named after the Takamine guitar, is the half-sister to our beloved Big Brown (BB) and Ruffian. Ruffian led for me for the entire Jack Pine 30 last season as a yearling. I can't say enough about these amazing young dogs! Their stamina and endurance never ends, and their tails are always wagging and they're always smiling and ready to go! When I learned that their older half-sister was available, I couldn't turn down the opportunity.

Tak, originally from Joann Fortier's kennel in Gaylord, Michigan

Tak is a very shy 4 year old, but when she's hooked up on the line, she has the same drive as her younger half-sisters.

Tak getting acclimated to our kennel. She is used to being tied out on a tether. I wonder what she thinks of the freedom to move about in the kennel?

Aspen, who I've nicknamed Moondog for the moon on her forehead, is a young female, but is large for her 9 months. Weighing about 55 pounds already, she is leggy and always happy.

I've really been looking for some bigger, leggy additions to the kennel, and I'm hoping these two girls will be just the ticket!

There is nothing like coming in from running dogs on a chilly fall day to the smell of fresh coffee waiting. Running right out of the yard just might spoil me!

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