Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday, Kennel Open House, and the Green Goblin

We moved into our new Ranch and this very small community in late June. Across from the new Ranch is over 100 acres of soybeans; across from us on the other side, cattle "Moo" in the distance.

Largely agricultural, I worried how our 13 dog kennel would be received by the surrounding farmers and cattle rancher.

So, I decided to have a kennel open house. This would give our neighbors a chance to check us out ("what is up with that? why do they need so many dogs?") and would also serve as an opportunity to meet some of our neighbors.

Enter here for kennel updates!

Last Saturday, we opened the kennels up for visitors. Several people came out in support of the open house, including our families and friends. We also connected with some locals, including one local reporter, Heather Braddock, who writes for the The Telegraph, a very small paper in nearby Newton Falls, Ohio.

Visitors meet with Jack and Lucy at the open house

Heather was intrigued. She came to the kennels, tape recorder and camera in hand, and started asking questions. She asked, finally, if she could go on a training run with me and the dogs.

Luckily, the open house was also a day after my birthday, and a day after I received the best birthday gift ever: the Green Goblin!

The Green Goblin: a 2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker ATV. Little rough around the edges, but PERFECT for training the dogs!

So, Sunday evening, I spent over an hour with Heather, who accompanied me on a seven-mile training run.

Her story is due out Thursday, October 21. I'll keep ya posted! ;)

In other news, the puppies are now 10 months old, and have definitely discovered the joys of using their canine teeth!

Kerouac guards a portion of deer from his sister, Lucy

Kerouac made off with this portion of deer spine at our party and would notsurrender it!

It was a great weekend of talkin' dog under a beautiful moon.

Stay tuned for Wednesday, October 20, I head up north for the annual Shaw Rig Session at the home of Bob and Jan Shaw and Arctic Wind Sled Dog Kennel!

Mush love!

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