Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blessings and herding

"Herding Cats: A saying that refers to a task that is extremely difficult or impossible to do, due to one or more variables being in flux and uncontrollable."

Ahem. Operative phrase is "in flux."

So...for the holidays, we thought it would be cute to arrange all of the puppies around this little toy sled that I have in my living room. Except, there's just one thing we forgot.

Five week old puppies are always moving when awake. Or always watching something else that is moving.

Puppy photo shoot, Take 1

Yea...let's try that again...

Puppy photo shoot, Take 2

In the end, I had an entire small album of photos entitled Puppy Photo Shoot Out Takes. If you'd like to see them all, click here

Ultimately, we are blessed. Little Etta is pulling through. And though she is far from better, I think she will be okay.

Little Etta

From all of us here at the Ranch, Merry Christmas. May you sleep in Heavenly peace.

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