Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can't depend on snow

My sled, runners buried in snow, waiting to go on its first race of the season

A few random snowflakes fall from the sky haphazardly over an expansive, white horizon. There must be a foot of snow on the ground here at the Ranch. The only color is a jagged, rust-colored tree line inching its way upward on this gray and white canvas - as if a painter dabbles his brush neatly in the distance. As the colors come closer, their focus sharpens.

So, how can it be, then, that in this expanse of white that surrounds me, there isn't enough snow up north in snow country for my first race of the season?

It's hard for me to fathom.

I am very disappointed that the first race of my season, the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race has actually been postponed twice for lack of snow.

So, I am modifying my race plans for this season, and trying not to be too disappointed. Tahquamenon is rescheduled for February 12, but that is a week before the Jack Pine 30 which is another race I usually run.

We'll see...

In other news, Ella, one of Aspen's puppies, went to live with my good friend, Jenn, at her kennel in PA this last week.

Jenn and her family have a small sprint racing kennel. We miss Ella but know she is in excellent, loving hands!

We are down to six puppies, and all but the runt and Etta, the one who recovered from pneumonia, are outside now, much to their dismay!

I have several talks coming up from now until March, so check out the calendar of events and stop on by if you happen to be in northeast Ohio.

Prayers for snow!

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  1. There is no justice... in Doggy Heaven, the humans will be outside, waiting for enough snow for the first humansled race, where the winning dog will receive a huge edible Milk Bone trophy!
    Now, with a little time and Photoshop, that could be quite an amusing photograph.
    (Of course I realize the winning team in this life gets plenty of doggy cookies anyways, but they have to pull the sled, not stand on it!)
    You know, it sure looks like there's enough snow out there, and the Weather Channel on TV says the only state in the U.S. without snow at the moment is Florida!


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