Thursday, October 20, 2011

Find your joy

One of the giant puddles we get to run through around Nature's Kennel
It's been extremely wet in the U.P. since the dogs and I arrived on Monday, with winds and rain almost everyday this week. The dogs enjoy the giant puddles the rain leaves behind for drinking, cooling off or splashing through on our runs, though. We have logged 25 miles in three days, and today the dogs get a well-deserved day off.

Find your joy.

God is most present for me in a forest of conifers in the northwoods. The happiest place on earth, for me, is alone among the beautiful cacophony and chaos of dogs hell bent on miles - hundreds of them. Boisterous,  merry, joyful dogs with an appetite for life in all weather - even this steady- falling cold rain.

Here are some photos from our run yesterday.
The Diamond Dogs resting along a trail yesterday. Yeti (left) and Ruffian (right) in lead
Musher's view: 8 doggers running along the Murray Lake loop
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