Friday, December 23, 2011

Give thanks this day....

The end of the year is a natural time, it seems, for reflection and hope. This year has brought so many things: some sad, like losing my job in September; but more blessings. In fact, the frugality that came with losing my job has taught more lessons that I am thankful for, because being frugal builds one of the best qualities: character.

I am thankful for family: my kiddos, Sophie and Elise.

My girls

 I am thankful for family who have helped me, mentored me and supported me in various forms along the way in this journey - in dogs and in life (even when some of them thought I was nuts regarding the dog part!). There are far too many to name, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my parents, Chris, and a handful of very best friends who are like family. I am thankful for having such a beautiful place to call home. I am thankful for my amazing canine family, the beautiful, hard-bodied athletes as well as the half breed mutts who call this place a sanctuary of love. I am thankful for Tak's beautiful, well-bred puppies this past July.

Tak and her sweet pups this past August

I am thankful for the chance to train up in the Upper Peninsula - the land I love - with my Michigan family.

I am thankful for good friends, so many friends near and far who I think about daily even though they may be far away; those who have mentored me, and those who have listened; those who have been there and who have accepted me for exactly what I am. I am thankful for the random strangers who have offered a word of encouragement in emails from all over the country.

My good friend and mentor, Jodi Bailey and me at the Midwest Mushing Symposium this past October

I am thankful for the bounty God and nature provide to feed my family and my dogs and animals. I am thankful for my beautiful flock of hens who provide such awesome eggs for our family daily, and Ninja the rooster who is good at being pretty.

 I am thankful for the large pieces of well-seasoned hardwood that heats our home.

I am thankful for my education, and my muse. I am thankful for my freedom, and all of those who keep it safe. I am especially thankful for music.

I am thankful, especially, for the handful of sponsors who have helped make this season possible. And, if you've read this far, I am thankful for you too.

Merry Christmas and, as always...

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