Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not only when the snow flies

There is a misconception that keeping sled dogs means stuff only happens only when the snow flies. This couldn't be further from the truth.

During the months when we're not training the dogs on the gangline, we spend lots of time training them in other ways. For the puppies, who are now nine months old, I've been working with them on basic commands, like coming when they're called and returning to their houses at the end of our free running sessions.
Nine-month old, Perry, on a hike with 14 month old, Miles (behind)

Most kennels I know use the time between April and August for renovations, preparations for the upcoming season, reaching out to potential sponsors, and building projects. I have been busy doing something I wanted to do long ago: building platform dog houses for the dogs.

The beginning stages of building the platform: day 1
I received the original plans and instructions on how to build this platform from my friends, Ed and Tasha Stielstra of Nature's Kennel. Luckily, I had a dozen 2x4s and a couple 4x4s laying around, so I didn't even have to shop for lumber.

It only took two days to put together Freya's platform dog house. This is the end result.

Freya was happy to demonstrate...

Onward! Only fifteen more to make!

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