Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

In a space as small as this, function dictates form.

I have no cupboards, but I have an oven which has become a damned good storage space. I have no closet, but these magnificent, huge beams cross the entire width of the cabin. Some rope tired between two beams, and voila! Instant closet!

my "closet"

my bed, and the wood stove

Function dictates form: antlers make a great hat rack
Today, I drove to Manistique for a free chest freezer for the 50 pound blocks of meat I received recently for the dogs. Chunks of meat are chopped off with an axe and thawed in buckets...and once again, function dictates form: the buckets go in the shower.

Yes, buckets of beef thaw in my shower.

A word about the showering process.

The small six gallon water heater

It is far easier to live modestly in this small cabin that most would likely think. Even with a six gallon water heater, I've not once missed the large farm house I left in Ohio. I did worry about showering with my long crazy curly hair though. But it's been simple.

Step 1. Heat the cabin well with a toasty fire in the wood stove. This is important :)

Step 2. Get naked

Step 3. Turn the water on. I already know the exact location on the knobs for the perfect temperature quickly. Get everything - including my long crazy hair - wet

Step 4. Turn the water off. lather up the crazy hair

Step 5. Turn water on and rinse the crazy hair. Conditioner.

Step 6. Turn water off. Lather up everything else.

Step 7. Turn water back on and rinse everything off.

Sometimes I stand there for a few minutes of bliss under the hot water that remains. But mostly, I am thankful every day for a hot shower and to be clean, and thankful for a lesson in simplicity.

Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

My crazy 10-dog team stopped for water on a training run

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  1. Love it! Very effective shower system. I believe that's called a military shower. Here's a little tip. We don't have running water at my cabin and I have to haul water in from half a mile away. So, I tend to not take a daily shower to help conserve water. But, I discovered a wonderful way to "feel" like I'm in a tub and be able to scrub up. I do the same thing with the fire. Really get it going and light some candles. Meanwhile, I heat up about a gallon of water and wrap myself in a towel and spread a towel on a chair. When the room temp's warm enough and the water's hot, I pour about 2/3rds in a small tub (like you'd use to wash dishes) and sit on the chair and stick my feet in the tub. I don't know why, but just the act of giving my feet a "bath" feels soooo good. Then I scrub the rest of me and use the remaining water to rinse off (using a washcloth). I don't usually wash my hair this way, but I may run the wash cloth through my hair just enough to dampen it and then really scrub my neck. By the time I through, I feel fantastic! Sometimes I use the gray water to make a luminary, adding little pieces of veggies or fruit from dinner to give it some "confetti". We don't have shower facilities at the cabin, but we do have a Finnish sauna! I've NEVER felt to clean as I do after I've sauna'd. I just LOVE your details, Shannon. It's awesome!


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