Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birth Day to Cinder!

Please help me welcome Cinder's babies who were very long-awaited!

Cinder, tired after whelping NINE little ones! 

Cinder wasn't hugely pregnant. I thought there were maybe four or five pups. 

After the fifth was born, I could still feel a puppy lump inside of Cinder's belly. Okay, I thought. Six is a good number. 

But they kept coming. And coming! 

By this afternoon, Cinder finished with nine new babies - six boys and three girls. They all seem to be about the same size and are doing well, as is mama. 

There are three who are a very different shade of silverish-gray who look very unique. One already has a name: Mirage. 

Mirage resting peacefully in Cinder's bunch of puppy love

All is well, and good night...shhh, puppies are sleeping. 

 from the whelping room. 

CORRECTION: there are now 10 puppies! 4 girls and 6 boys 

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