Friday, January 25, 2008

Take one tablet by mouth daily

Tonight, I filled a script for Voltaren I received from my family doc for my shoulder injury.

As I opened up the packaging from Walgreens, the insert made me laugh. It listed safety tips for snow skiing. "The key," it reads, "is to control your equipment and your speed."

What if your "equipment" is a pack of six big-ass dogs who have suddenly lost all sense of the "Whoa!" command because they're giving chase to another team of dogs in front of them on a hard-packed trail?

After the drug and a glass of wine set in, I had a good laugh over this little publication that came with the little yellow pill.

Some other funny tips:

"Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment"

"The easiest way to get hurt is to try a trail or move that is too hard."

That trail was hard, alright!

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