Monday, February 25, 2008

"It could be worse: I coulda missed my calling. Sometimes it hurts, but when you read the writing on the wall, you can't cry anymore" Sheryl Crow

So many set backs and disappointments, and lately, too much time to think about them. But, I feel an upswing. Being true to myself and my "calling" is the most important thing to me. It means having the dignity to stop things that are happening for the wrong reasons and cut ties, even if it means taking longer to reach goals.

I have cut ties and felt loss. And now I'm looking up. I'm already planning for next winter. The minuscule amount of snow we had here began thawing yesterday, and already I dread the coming of summer. For mushers and huskies, summer is what winter is to most people: a drag, time spent waiting for the next fall, for cooler temperatures and finally, snowfall.

Through all the disappointments and losses of this season, I have learned so much. And in the face of those disappointments, I say ultimately thank you. I will come back stronger next winter. And I can't wait.

The biggest issue with mushing in Ohio are two things: money and time. Well, maybe three -- snow. To train dogs properly for any distance race takes so much time (running 20 miles by dog team takes at least a couple hours, plus another hour or more for hook up and feeding/watering). And feeding this pack the high-quality food they need runs us about $1200/year. And that's modest: we only have seven dogs!

And to get to proper trail conditions -- ie snow -- means travel. Which takes more time and money.

My family has asked me numerous times why I couldn't pick a cheaper sport!

But I don't think I picked this sport; I think it picked me. I have absolute faith that things are unfolding as they should.

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