Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy 9 month birthday, Yeti!

Happy 9 month birthday, Yeti! He loves and looks up to his Siberian brother, Jack so much. Here they are goofing around in the kennel.

Yeti has turned out to be such a wonderful addition to our kennel. He was so introverted and extremely shy when we first brought him home from the U.P. in February (see post from February 25 "Make Room for Yeti" linked above), I wondered how well we could socialize him. While he's not as gregarious as Jack, he is very social and a strong and fast runner. He follows me all over the yard when I'm scooping, and he cries when he can't be with us. I have a lot of hope in this guy. Happy Birthday, Yeti! Can't wait to hook you up this fall!

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