Saturday, July 19, 2008

Longing for Winter

It's been so hot, even the moon turned red tonight. In this kind of weather, I get the equivalent of what others get in the winter: cabin fever.

The dogs are miserable. The flies are horrible, biting the tips of the dogs' ears. The dog yard looks like a desert with husky-hair tumbleweeds blowing about.

I bring them in and we are cooped up in our climate-controled haven. We'd like to stay inside until mid-September or whenever the temperature drops below 80 degrees.

Huskies flop on hardwood. They stretch lazily, putting paws over eyes, dreaming perhaps of next winter. I day dream of next winter too, longing for it like an old friend.

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  1. You just need to move up by us in the rockies! The temp has not gone above 80 all summer :) The flies have been bad though - we have two kinds of insecticide on the dogs plus traps EVERYWHERE! They are under control but still very unpleasant. Nights are wonderful and we can see our breath about once a week :) Take care and give that crazy ACD a pat for me


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