Monday, October 27, 2008

Images in Black & White

Team Resting in the Sunlight

What we do during a simulated checkpoint: Jim, resting on a straw bale

Jughead and Sparrow

Ernie and Dave

Danger and Arrow

Three Pups

And now for some color...

Rachel stopped at camp

Team running along the road

Pretty lake where we got water during camp out

Whew! Back at home now and attempting to fill in the blanks of all the things that happened that I didn't write about.

Notes to Self from Sled Dog Camp

#1. Make sure when taking off on an unfamiliar quad, you know all the weird ways "reverse" engages on the particular machine. I got stuck in a large sand hill with a tree smack in front of the quad (don't ask) and had to literally pick up and drag the thing in knee-deep sand for over an hour to get it out because I couldn't get it into reverse!

#2. Don't assume the little blinking arrow on a GPS is pointing the way you're going.

#3. Don't assume learning how to use a GPS is self-explainatory!

#4. Always be prepared. For anything: rain, cold, being lost, being hungry...

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