Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let the training begin!

Dogs eating after a nice six mile training run and Sophie goofing in the truck

The thermometer in the kennel says 40 degrees and the dogs are full of P&V! We had our first rig training session and after fumbling with positioning, Yeti, our yearling, decided he was most comfortable running up front! So, I let him. And he ran like the wind!

Sophie also had her first ride on the rig. A rig is a three-wheeled metal cart used for training small teams in the fall before snow falls. Mine is lightweight, only weighing about 100 pounds, and it's not the most stable thing either. I've taken out many a tree with my rig! So I've been reluctant to allow Sophie, who is nine and weighs 60 pounds, to ride on the rig with me. Since she will be running in her first junior race this winter, however, I decided it was time. She did wonderfully, except for the screaming! She's also doing beautifully with helping me harness, straighten the gang line and keeping the dogs in order while hooking up.

I'm so excited! Fall is finally here! Happy fall training!

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