Sunday, November 1, 2009

Congratulations Melanie and Mike!

It's a Halloween Wedding Celebration!

Meet Mel.

The quintessential Melanie expression

In April of 2001, shortly after I started working at Akron Children's Hospital, Melanie started working in the same department. I watched her filling out paperwork in the administrative office outside of my office. Her long, black skirt draped over the chair and her brown hair fell over her blue, button-down collared Oxford shirt. Somehow, I was drawn to her. Little did I know, she would become one of my better friends in my adult lifetime. Her sarcastic, dry sense of humor saved me during those first days working in an office with all women.

So, I was not surprised when Mel had a party for her September nuptials on Halloween. She and her new husband, Mike, eloped to Hilton Head (smart). But they wanted to celebrate their wedding with their families present too.

Two Wednesdays

Other members of the Adams Family

I was pleasantly surprised when Melanie asked me to photograph the celebration. These are some pictures from the Halloween Wedding Celebration!

Mike and Melanie were supposed to dress as grapes (hence the purple balloons), but this didn't last long!

Here's to many happy years ahead! Congratulations Melanie and Mike Vesner!

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