Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dakota Family Photo Session

My friend and fellow photographer, Michael Dakota, recently asked me to shoot some photos of him and his four children. Seven years ago, Michael shot my wedding photos - and did an amazing job. He has recently gone through a divorce and doesn't get to spend as much time with his children as he would like. So he asked me to shoot some special photos of all of them together.

The new Ranch proved to be a gorgeous backdrop for the photos.

There is something about this place that is magical and so peaceful. Granted, the fields surrounding the Ranch are now filled with ragweed - which doesn't prove so peaceful for my allergies! But there seems to be an energy here that is soothing and beautiful.

I wanted to post some of my favorite photos from the Dakota session.

This is my favorite from our photo session. The distinct personalities shine through here, and everyone is relaxed in one of the fields at the Ranch

Avery Dakota is naturally a pensive, quiet 11 year old. She didn't know I was shooting this of her sitting in the loft of our barn. I feel this photo captured her essence beautifully

All five in the loft doorway! The thing I LOVE about this shot is the gentle stream of sunlight coming down from the right top corner

Looking down on the Dakotas from the loft

Devin Dakota: blue shirt in the blue flowers. But what I love about this photo is her little brother, Wyatt, behind her playing on our tire swing

Thanks, Michael, for a wonderful photo shoot! Your family is beautiful!


  1. I was so pleased with your vision. I wish you all the luck in the world. Michael K. Dakota


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