Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Newest Projects: Functional art from recycled materials

Moving to the new Ranch has given me lots of huge, empty walls to decorate. As a freelance photographer and writer, I'm always looking for fun ways to highlight some of my artwork.

Spawned by a desire to showcase some of my photography pieces, I've started branching out into some new projects lately. They're inexpensive, fun, and best part of all, ecological.

I've been creating functional art from discarded materials.

The new hat rack: provided by Goodwill, $3. Painted and "distressed" by me, priceless. Notice the little dog team

Acrylic paints
found at any art supply store make a great medium for refurbishing discarded materials and breathing new life into them. These fast-drying paints clean up easily, are inexpensive, and the bright colors can also be muted by adding water.

Distressing paint gives pieces a unique and weathered look that I love. Distressing is achieved in different ways, but the easiest for me is using a simple piece of finer grain sandpaper.

One favorite thing I love to pick up at garage sales or at the thrift store are old frames. As a photographer, I'm always thinking of unique ways to showcase my work. These old frames, like the one below, are a perfect way to customize and display a favorite photo.

One of my favorite photos of my daughter, customized with a hand-painted frame picked up at a thrift store for $3. Photo matte frames, like these here (within the wood frame) are available at any art supply store

To find out more about Recycled Art, click here. Visit your nearest thrift store or stop at a neighborhood garage sale and get to work on some recycled art yourself. You never know where the possibilities might lead!


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  1. the frame is a beautiful fit to the photo :)


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