Saturday, March 5, 2011

A new mushing photographer on the scene

There's a new photographer on the mushing scene. One who is only 12 years old.

His name is Sigurd Utych, and he's from Newberry, Michigan.

I met him recently at the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog race. He immediately saw the Canon 7D in my hands and honed in on me like a hawk.

"Nice camera!" he said excitedly. "Can I hold it?"

He handed me his Canon Rebel and I handed him the 7D. "Wow, this is like my dream camera," he said.

Sigurd has a passion and focus not many 12 year old's share. And he conducts himself completely professionally. Not only did he shoot photos of me and all the mushers at the race, at the end of the day, he approached me and asked if I wanted him to send copies of the photos.

Well, the disk arrived in the mail today, along with a piece of hand torn paper with these words handwritten:

Photos by Sigurd J. Utych
S.J. Photography

Thank you, Sigurd! You did an exceptional job, and with your focus, talent and drive, you will go far.

My team and me leaving the starting chute at the Tahquamenon Race. Photo by Sigurd Utych

Heading down the trail. Photo by Sigurd Utych

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  1. i know this article is a little dated but i still have to comment. I first met sigurd at church camp in gaylord mi july of 2012. I didnt know what to think he was full of energy and always carried a bag around that had to weigh about 50 pounds (camera equipment) i was at camp for 6 days the first three i was sticking to the people i knew because there were a lot of people i never had seen before. but one night i left my usual group of people that i hung out with and was called over by sigurd to a game called gaga ball i believe very fun and oh so exhausting (for a big guy like me) after we all decided it was late and time to retire for the night (just before 1 AM) sigurd was walking back and i decided to walk with him to talk. after talking for awhile I realized something that he had that i wanted so badly at the time. A passion not only for photography but also for the Lord. he also had a very strong calling to the military. which at first i didn't understand. (I never liked seeing friends and family going to the military) but i could see that that fire was burning within him. this young man at the time was so organized with his life he knew what he wanted to do he knew what he loved and he was working diligently to get to those goals and fulfill them. i was able to meet up with my friend and his family who are also my friends at the same camp this year it may have only been for a day but boy was it worth it. if anyone were to read this and say well thats nice a friend there to support another friend... no i think its more than that, its family supporting family. sigurd and his family are extraordinary people they always welcome with open arms and are a good christian family. and by golly do they know how to cook!!! :) these folks are just all around good YOOPERS!!! Love you Utych family hope to see you soon.
    Timothy Consani


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