Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Miles: new Diamond Dogs education dog extraordinaire!

Four months ago, on November 17, a very special little guy was born in the "Jazz" litter. Little did I know what a very cool little dude he would become.

Meet Miles.

Miles at four weeks of age

No, he's not named after a measurement of distance, but this is a great coincidence for a sled dog to have in a name, because he will run hundreds of miles in his lifetime.

Miles was named after jazz musician and trumpeter, Miles Davis

As our educational ambassador and retired Quest leader, Foxy, has gotten older, I've been looking for a special dog to take her place as an educational animal for my dog sledding presentations.

Foxy at a recent dog sledding talk at the Mogadore Branch Library

Miles started coming to talks with me and Foxy from an early age.

Miles at a library talk at 10 weeks of age

He has such a great disposition and hams it up for an audience.

Miles loves to entertain. He thinks my sled bag makes a perfectly comfy place to hang out during our presentations

We have nicknamed him "Smiles" because, if you talk to him at all, he literally smiles.

Miles demonstrating his winning smile

Miles has a great life. At four months old, he wakes up early, plays hard, and sacks out hard.

Miles often sleeps with his tongue hanging out of his mouth :)

Miles is super cuddly and loves his brothers. I have really high hopes for Mr. Miles for taking over Foxy's place and adding to my growing awesome little team next season!

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