Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The story of Miles: part deux

Miles quickly grew from that adorable little puppy into a big, leggy young man. He was still a ham and a big baby though. 

Miles sitting in Sophie's lap like a baby

I began harness breaking Miles when he was about nine months old, and he did the usual puppy shenanigans when he was first in harness: trying to turn around, playing with his neighbor while running, being easily distracted, etc.  Before long, though, he was running like a champ. He's never been the most focused dog in the world on the line. And he barks at anything unusual - Oncoming mushers, other dogs, something in the woods - a strange, high-pitched bark that can be startling. But even if he barks, he does not skip a beat.

He had nearly 1,000 miles on him when we hit our first race in January last year, and he did phenomenal. He is a strong, flawless puller who is always happy to please.

Miles at the checkpoint early on the second day of the Midnight Run

Miles has become a cornerstone of my kennel with his amazing personality, his tenacity, great attitude and willingness to please. What's more, he has become the sole education dog for my dog sledding presentations. This is why I named him one of the kennels "MVPs" last season. He also became a semi-famous local celebrity when he was pictured with me in Akron Life and Leisure magazine last January. Smiles might never be a leader, but he is a huge asset to the kennel and my race team.

Photo by Shane Wynn

We are looking for a sponsor for Miles for the 2012/2013 season. Won't you consider sponsoring a dog?

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