Sunday, July 1, 2012

This week's featured dog: Tosh

We're kicking off a special sponsorship drive for the 2012/2013 season with Sponsor-a-Dog. Each week, I will feature a dog who is part of the racing team in search of a sponsor for that dog for the 2012/2013 season. Eleven-month-old, Tosh, is currently looking for a sponsor for the season. 

Tosh and his littermates - The "Reggae Litter" - were born on July 10, 2011. Despite popular belief, Tosh is not named after Tosh.O; he is named after Peter Tosh, the great reggae singer and musician. 

We knew from the beginning that Tosh was different. At just a day or two of life, while the other puppies were busy nursing from their mama, Tosh was already on the move.

Tosh crawling over the obstacle course that was his mama during the first few days of his life

Very shortly after he was born, my daughter, Elise, claimed him for her own. 

Tosh with his "human mama" Elise
Despite the constant handling, Tosh always regarded us with guarded skepticism during the first few months of his life.

A shy four-month-old Tosh hiding in the weeds at the Ranch
He was naturally shy, and earned his shyness honestly: both of his parents, my leader, Yeti, and his mom, Tak, are super shy.

His favorite thing was to play in his daddy's circle with his siblings while he was a pup. 

Tosh (center) hanging in the dirt with his siblings Toots (left) and Rasta (right)

Before long, he started to come out of his shell. I began taking him to my dog sledding presentations.

Elise sits with four-month-old Tosh at the Columbiana County Public Library
And he won hearts. 

He sprouted long legs around six months of age, and suddenly blossomed into a large, beautiful, wolfy-looking, white sled dog. 

Tosh, doing his best impression of a wolf

Tosh and his person, Elise. Elise says I can race him this season, even though he is her sled dog
Tosh is a super sweet, extremely quiet boy who loves cuddling with both dogs and people. His favorite thing is running full-throttle along the puppy paths at the Ranch. 

Tosh running around the puppy paths with his papa, Yeti

His other favorite activities are eating and dumping his water bucket repeatedly. 

Tosh will be a yearling on next season's race team. Sponsor Tosh for $75.

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