Saturday, February 21, 2009

6th Place in Jack Pine 30!

So much to report! But I'm on the road, at our favorite little coffee shop in downtown Munising, enjoying a wonderful grilled cheese and latte at the Falling Rock Cafe, so I have to be quick. The most important thing I wanted to post is in the headline, but also

THANK YOU to JOANN and LARRY FORTIER for the use of their AWESOME, AWESOME DOGS!!! I had a fairly flawless run and these dogs made 30 miles super fast and fun!

Congratulations to Joann for placing 6th in the Midnight Run!!! The Fortier's had a spectacular year running dogs this year, and their success has been hard earned.

Congratulations to Caitlyn Curtice for WINNING the Jack Pine! Also, congratulations to Laura Bontrager for placing a close 2nd. These girls, only teenagers, have a bright future as dog drivers.

I have easily taken 500 photos in the last few days of teams, and do not have time to format them, but here are a couple:

Tim Calhoun talks strategy with Pete Curtice at the U.P. 200 musher banquet

Larry and Joann Fortier on our way to the races

Log yard. Logging is a major industry in the U.P. because of the plentiful hardwood

If you take highway 41 from Manistique toward Marquette, you will see this. Sculpture made from junk, which looked particularly cool in the snow.
More to come!

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