Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The girls

Too tired to write tonight. So, to pick up from yesterday, here are the girls in Joann's team:

Cowgirl, an absolute lover and the frontrunner of the team

Zoey, nope, she's not a Jack Russell. She is 100% the driving force behind the team, and very difficult to get a picture of I might add! She NEVER stops moving!

One of my absolute favorites of the Fortier kennel, Odessa, the matriarch. Many of the pups in the kennel are out of Odessa, including our Ruffian

Lilly - aka "Silly Lilly." Inquisitive, playful, and full of energy

And who could forget this girl! Making the best little doggy face...

Ana walks around on all fours for the better part of the day, pretending to be a doggy. And how could she not be impressed by dogs: she's been surrounded by 30 of them her whole life. She makes the best impressions of sled dogs I've ever seen! She also does a darned good snow angel!

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