Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation."

But, knock it I will. Sorry, Kin Hubbard.

What gives with this weather!!! My thermometer in the kennel said 40 degrees today, and the weatherman is calling for highs in the high 50s tomorrow. Arg! People praise this weather - this rainy, dark humidity - but they don't have to live with this:

Am I the only person who hates spring thaw? As I walked around doing kennel chores today, my boots sunk two inches into the mud.

And it's only February - not even close to being spring yet! Did the groundhog lie?

One thing I do find fascinating about the thaw are the things that suddenly surface. Today, I walked out front to get the mail to find my daughter's long lost stuffed deer, "Deery," lying in the front yard sopping wet. Buried under the reliable and heavy cover of snow, Deery had been missing for nearly two months.

Driving to pick my other daughter up from track practice today, the sides of the roads looked like thrift store shelves: a dirty maroon hood from someone's jacket, random litter, a CD, a shoe. My husband found his tiny Kung Fu Panda fingurine in the driveway (don't ask why he carried this in his pocket). Excited, he exclaimed, "I've been looking for this!"

The snow covers what's forgotten, sealing up trinkets and clutter in its neat shell of ice. Snow is a blanket, clean and bright. The snow reminds us that we really don't need what's forgotten, protecting us from the dirty clutter of everyday life.

To those to cheer this weather on, beware. Snow will fall again. You're not free yet.

For now, I prepare to head north again where the snow is more reliable and paws are not so muddy for my final stint of training before the final race of the season: the Jack Pine 30. Stay tuned ...and as always, Mush On, despite the weather!

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