Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Brown, bonfires, and tie dye t-shirts

Sophie is 10, and loves tie dye t-shirts. She also loves dogs. She will have her first sled this coming season and will be training with me, along with running my Siberian, Jack, in her first race.


May seems to be birthday month for our family and friends. We had another birthday party to attend this weekend. Kids' birthday parties in our circle mean small get-togethers for adults as well: bonfires and beer.

The kids play, and adults relax.

We followed up with a first-time trip to the park for one of our yearlings, Big Brown.

She's never been out of the yard, aside from the dog box when I brought her home in April. She was a little scared, but she did awesome on the leash!

Even on the dock!

I feel lucky that we are small enough to do daily enrichment activities with our dogs and give them one-on-one attention. Yesterday, I spent time with each dog doing "sit" training, and today Big Brown got to leave the dog yard for a walk in the park. Socialization activities like these help create sled dogs who are well-rounded companions as well hard working dogs. This helps also to develop the bond between the dogs and me, which means they will work harder to give me their all this next season and (hopefully) won't freak at new situations like checkpoints and bridges.

Then we did some child enrichment activities!

Me preparing our t-shirts for tie dying

Elise shows how well her t-shirt is tied!

Let the dying begin!

It's 9:45 on Sunday night now. The sun is down, the dogs are sleeping in the yard; all is quiet. I prepare myself for a new week, dreaming all the while of the dogs. I had a long conversation today with Jason Barron who was on his way back to Montana about why we do what we do. Jason and I agree, we do it because of our love for our dogs, and being outside in the elements with them.

Dreaming of fall...

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  1. So much spirit in your kids--and coming through your photography. It just makes my heart sing.

    And then the dogs. Oh my gosh, I just love your approach to training. And I'm so excited for Sophie to be getting her first sled!

    What kind of sleds do you use? I'm still trying buy my first without breaking the bank. I still think it's going to be a kicksled so I can use it in the city. My aussie-huskie mix is about 50 pounds and knows mushing commands from daily walks and little runs. I've got an X harness for her and her 30 pound little "sister" -- a springer-sheltie mix who is mainly all about smelling everything but doesn't like to be left behind.

    Great idea to socialize them! Will that make on-by commands easier?

    I'm just green with envy that you have the perfect size kennel!

    I trust my time will come, too!

    Have fun!


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