Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to summer in Ohio

It's hot.

Jack tries to stay cool in his house

Nothing can stop the girls, though. The still love free play time.


Big Brown

I limit them to only 15 minute play sessions at a time, though, when the temps are high. Like today. It's about 82, but with the humidity, it feels more like 86. Too hot for huskies! In the summer, the dogs all have huge two gallon buckets at each of their circles. Our kennels are built in a large shaded area of our property, so it's always cooler in the kennel than anywhere else. And Miss Foxy, well, she gets to hang out in the central A/C 24/7. She's retired after all. She gets the sweet life.

Foxy running out back

Yeti still runs, despite the heat

They play for a few minutes...

...then they find other ways to entertain themselves besides running. Like checking out Yeti's circle. The girls' circles are always fairly neat. No huge holes. But Yeti is a different story. Yeti often has odd things in his circle too - strange pieces of something-or-other he's stolen and buried.

What's down there? Ruffian checks out Yeti's huge hole in his circle

Welcome to Memorial Day, and the official start to summer. Summers in Ohio are fairly miserable, with high heat and high humidity. I'm already dreaming of fall...


  1. I love that Yeti has such a curious penchant for "squirreling" things in his hole--and that the girls like to check it out. Reminds me of Boo Radley (from To Killa Mockingbird) leaving things in a tree hole for the Gem to find. I also love it that you give the pups playtime . . . I'd sure like to jump in on that one--even in the heat!

  2. Yeti is a nut. Every day when I go back in the dog yard, his circle is trashed: his house turned upside down, buckets dumped, new trenches dug. He's crazy!


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