Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy birthday, America, but it's not a good time to be a dog

People gathered to watch the re-creation of America's independence

Every year, I struggle with the 4th of July. Like the dogs, fireworks make me nutty. I want to run under the bed. I get stomach cramps. And the dogs have the same reaction. As a dog person, I worry tirelessly about my dogs freaking out on the 4th, breaking their chains and getting loose. One year, Foxy climbed our 10 foot heat-pen on the 4th of July because she was so terrified. Face it: it's just not natural to hear earth-shattering KABOOMs! Our first instinct - or at least mine anyway - is to run and hide.

But, I tried to set aside my own neurosis for my kids.

We trekked downtown to Main Street to watch the fireworks. Instead of freaking out, I tried to focus on practicing my night time photography skills.

Fire eater

I always worry that my dislike of the 4th means I'm somehow un-patriotic. I am not. I just prefer to show my appreciation for and celebrate the birth of our wonderful country in quieter ways.

Here's to America. Where I can celebrate however I want, and solitude is always attainable. Generally.

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  1. Beautiful shots, Shannon.

    I was surprised my dogs were so calm with all the kabooming.

    I love the spirit of this post! Another winner!


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