Friday, July 3, 2009

Live for times like these

It is raining and I am late, as usual. Sophie is on stage singing, dressed like an elderly woman when I finally enter the performing arts hall in Lakewood, a hip, trendy burb on Cleveland's east side. She sings songs with about three dozen other young actors; she says someday she wants to work in movies and "make lots of money."

After the performance, she and two of her best friends in the group line up for photos. They exchange phone numbers and smile for the camera.

Tonight is my night alone with Sophie, without her sister or anyone else as a distraction. We celebrate with a mommy/daughter date at an awesome little pizza joint called Angelo's. Sophie says they have the best pizza around. While waiting for the pizza we both do what we do best to pass the time.

Great Lakes Brewing Company, right here in Cleveland, makes some of the best beer around these parts

Sophie loves video games

Finally the pizza comes and I concur: it is, indeed, some of the best pizza I've had, with Buffalo mozarella, spinach and roma tomatos in a red pepper pesto sauce. Yum!


We are happy on our "date."

Some other recent pictures:

"red flowers"


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  1. Sophie is a lucky girl to have a mom like you!


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