Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some happy pictures

The Thief, Big Brown (BB). The other day I was cleaning out their water pails and turned around to find BB had stolen my Brillo pad!

BB and Ruffian love rolling in grass - especially fresh-cut grass

BB and Ruffian also love Chris. They are sweeties who live to give and receive affection

Just watch out: they sometimes nip when they get excited!

Look at those muscles!

Another lover, Gwennie. She loves belly rubs

Finally Yeti, who has healed nicely from his abscess from a few weeks ago. Now if only I could do the same!

1 comment:

  1. No wonder you can't stay out of the dog yard!

    I have a thief, too! Charlotte is so incredibly sneaky and stealth.

    What is it about the freshly cut grass, do you suppose?

    Yay, Yeti. Ask him how he did it? I just want to put my cheek on his big wet nose!

    Do you ever read Anne Lamott?


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