Friday, September 4, 2009

And so begins

And so begins the process of trying to put all this behind me and repair.

I was shocked to realize how much my body had atrophied after two weeks in a hospital bed. My legs almost buckled underneath me as I walked up the front step of my house.

For the first time in my life, I'm scared of my own dogs - of their power and strength. I went out to see them yesterday shortly after I returned home, and was terrified they would rip open the stitches in my belly jumping up on me in excitement. They were so happy to see me. It breaks my heart I cannot frolic with them like normal right now.

Which naturally leads to the question: what about this season? It's already September. It will be at least a couple weeks before I'm strong enough to even maintain dog chores and possibly run them. Do I have time to work both myself up and to train them for the Midnight Run?

And why oh why does it seem like every year there's some obstacle staring me in the face, preventing me from getting to Midnight Run? And why do I have to want this this one thing so bad?!

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