Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Homage to the Human Body

The human body is amazing.

Nearly two gallons of blood is pumped through our bodies daily. Like budding leaves on the ends of trees, human lungs contain 600 million aveoli - enough to cover a tennis court - that filter carbon dioxide and process the oxygen we breathe. The average person's largest organ, skin, covers about 22 square feet and is one of our first protectors against the outside world.

Really, we are amazing creatures. Not only in our ability to live, think, contribute, but also in our abilities to heal.

Healing. To heal. To make whole. To repair. Physicially, cells regenerating to replace or repair damaged cells.

There's all kinds of healing and methods to get there: spiritual healing, physical healing, emotional healing; wound healing, the healing of a broken heart, wholistic healing, faith healing, self healing.

Okay, we get it. So what are you getting at, Shannon?

I had a doctor appointment today, and received for the first time since July good news.

It appears that the abscess on my remaining ovary is responding positively to the antibiotics. My doctor kneeds on my abdomen like a kitten. For once, I do not wince in pain. In fact, I'm in no pain. I feel better than I've felt in three months.

I return next week for one more ultrasound, just to be sure.

To think that not even six weeks ago, I underwent a complicated abdominal surgery that sent me into a tailspin near death is unfathomable...and absolutely astounding. So many times in those first couple weeks after that surgery I didn't think I could hold out, muddle through. So many times I thought my life would never be the same again. And, actually quite quickly, in five and a half short weeks, I feel like myself again.

The antibiotic I still take daily leaves a horrible taste in my mouth that stubbornly holds on despite the strongest, longest dose of Listerine. But that's okay. There are worse side effects. And it's a small price to pay to keep my remaining ovary and have my life back.

But it's not just that mauve pill I take nightly that heals me.

I believe I am healed by each breath I take toward wholeness.

I believe I am healed by that tiny tiger moving through my veins, from the simple act of positive, forward thinking.

I believe I am healed by the love and light sent my way from friends and family near and far.

I believe I am healed from a Light that shines.

I believe I am healed every time I step outside, to see my children, my dogs, the trees, the sky...

And I believe the human body is a truly miraculous thing. And I am so thankful.

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  1. Just beautiful, Shannon. I am so grateful with you!


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