Thursday, February 25, 2010

Foxy and Kerouac visit the library!

As I type, the snow falls steadily outside. This has been the most amazing winter here in NE Ohio. We have had more consistent snow than I remember in years.

Last night, as the snow began falling, Foxy, a seven-week-old Kerouac and I made a special visit to our local library. We had been asked to give a presentation about dogsledding.

Foxy was quite a social butterfly!

She walked up and down the isles visiting all the people who had come to see her. And there were many. The library staff reported over 200 people!

There were several special people in the audience. But one extra special person I hadn't seen for many, many years. My best friend from kindergarten, Jen - aka "Jenny" to me.

Jen and me at my presentation at the library

Jen and I haven't seen each other in person since I think the 3rd grade or so. But we have kept up with each other through Facebook. During my hospitalization last fall, Jen sent me the most beautiful and encouraging emails. A teacher as well, Jen even had her students praying for me while I struggled to gain strength.

Years may have spanned between us, but seeing her was like coming home, in a sense. Looking into her big blue eyes, memories of giggling at sleep overs in her tiny room came back to me, clear as yesterday.

So good seeing you Jenny.

Thank you to everyone who came to the library to learn about this fabulous sport and the amazing teamwork that exists between dogs and a musher! And especially, thank you to the Ellet Library for having Foxy, Kerouac and me.

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  1. Sure wish I could have been there, too! Congrats!


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