Sunday, February 28, 2010

Puppy update and 400th post!

The house is filled with what sounds like tiny horses galloping ta tump, ta tump, ta tump

Kerouac and Lucy have been coming inside more frequently now that all the other puppies are gone, and they are learning how to acclimate and socialize with the house dogs.

Kerouac and Lucy trying to understand our strange cattle dog rescue, Karma. "What is it?" Kerouac asks Lucy. "I don't know," says Lucy. "Let's attack it!"


They enjoy some of the luxuries of the house, like sleeping on warm people.

Yesterday evening, I loaded up six dogs, two sleds and three kids and headed out for the snowmobile trail to make the most of the rest of our fabulous snow. The days are beginning to warm up. It won't be long before everything melts and spring will be upon us.

Sophie took her friend Drew in her sled basket and I hooked up two dogs to her sled. Elise rode in my sled basket with four dogs, and we went for a fun run. Elise giggled as we bobbed up and down moguls made by snow machines on the trail. Gwennie seemed so happy to be back in harness and doing what she loves to do: run!

As we came back to the truck, the beam of my headlamp shined bright in the night. The trail, which had warmed in the sun during the day, now froze over, and my sled runners slid effortlessly over the bright white snow. "This is contentment," I thought. It's like nothing else on earth to me. I will be sad to see winter fade this year.

But, big changes are in the wind for the Lazy Husky Ranch soon.

And I'm already so pleased with the way my pups are turning out and looking so forward to harness breaking them in the fall.

Miss Lucy the Luck Dragon at 8 weeks and 2 days, turning into quite the little beauty


In other news, this is my 400th post on this blog. I started this blog nearly four years ago as an effort to communicate with family and friends about the goings-on in our hectic life. I never dreamed it would turn into something I am so committed to and look forward to so much. I have made so many very good friends from my blog. Like Cici Birnberg in Illinois, who mushes with her Golden Retrievers. Like Ginsberg's human mommy, Kathleen Kimball-Baker, who is always so positive in her outlook on life. Like Bolt's human mommy, Amanda Stanoszek, with her small kennel and chicken house in Hinkley, Ohio.

People come into and out of each other's lives at certain times for definite reasons, in my opinion. Every person who has come into my life has taught me something. I am so thankful for true friends - those who take me for who I am and accept me completely. Thank you, guys! And thanks for reading.


  1. Congratulations on your 400th post, Shannon! What a pleasure to follow you. What a miracle that it has connected us -- and that you and your blog made possible my dream come true. Thank you for the kind words as well! Keep on blogging!

  2. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. I so look forward to your posts no matter what time of the year it is. You certainly have a gift of expression in all of its facets. Your posts have brightened so many of my days. Stay healthy
    and happy!

  3. Beautiful photos! Beautiful posts! Congratulations on 400!

    Ah! the puppies are gone! So sad to see them go, but it sounds like you've sent them on to lives that will be filled with love and new experiences that will make them happy. But I think nothing will ever be better than being in a snuggly pile in the whelping box after a day spent in the snow. Makes me wish I was a LazyHusky!


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