Sunday, February 7, 2010

"A Baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." Carl Sandburg

It's so hard to believe: the puppies are now five weeks old. Before you know it, they'll be pulling sleds like their beautiful father Yeti...

Papa Yeti stopped along the trail yesterday

In just two short weeks, some will leave the safety and warmth of their mother and the whelping room and begin new adventures. Elise, my five year old, explained to Bolt tonight,

"You will go live with Amanda, and you will love it! She has lots of space for you to run around, and chickens and wolves for you to play with!"

Elise and Bolt

My good friend and fellow musher, Amanda, will take our beloved Bolt to join her pack. Amanda and I have become quite close ever since the Punderson race a month or so ago where she officially went from "recreational" musher to "racing" musher.

Amanda and me at the Punderson Sled Dog Classic

Amanda and her little team at the starting chute at the recent Punderson Sled Dog Classic

Amanda has three recreational sled dogs who are all rescues from area animal shelters just days away from euthanization.

Sled dogs Willow (left) and Bandit (right) were just hours away from euthanization before Amanda rescued them from animal shelters

In addition to lots of space, Amanda has some fun critters on her property. Some funky-looking free range chickens provide yummy eggs.

Amanda's funky chickens

And she also has a wolfdog, Jasper, who is 50% wolf. He was also pulled from a shelter.

Wolfdog Jasper gets some lovin' from Amanda

Unlike many wolfdogs, Jasper loves attention and seeks it out, even from children.

Elise is the first child Jasper has met, and they adored each other

Big ones or little ones, Jasper doesn't mind:

Sophie and Elise get love from Jasper

I am so happy Bolt will go to such a loving home with lots of space and friends. Stay tuned for the stories of some of the puppies who will travel to their new homes, including Maggie, who will go to the home of Iowa friend and musher Tim Looney, who definitely lives up to his name!

Miss Maggie at 4 1/2 weeks, who will go to the Looney bin!

I have a busy next few weeks at the season culminates with two long-awaited races: the Tug Hill Challenge in Lorraine, New York on the banks of Lake Ontario and totally the other direction, the Jack Pine 30 in Marquette, Michigan on the banks of Lake Superior. Then, finally, the season's presentations kick off with our first presentation at the Ellet Library!

Posts could get spotty over the next few weeks as I'm on the road, but STAY TUNED and HAPPY TRAILS!


  1. And Ginsberg will come to live in Minnesota with Cora and Charlotte and recreational musher Kathleen who hopes to race one day!

  2. Yes, I was planning to write about you too Miss Kathleen :-) But you know...I need, you were coming up soon, after the Jack Pine! I can't wait to snap you and Ginsberg when you first meet.

  3. Good luck racing!! :)


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