Saturday, March 6, 2010

"In Just spring when the world is mud-luscious and puddle wonderful" e.e. cummings

Transition is difficult for me, I admit it.

Transition from sleeping to waking and visa versa. My body resists the transitions from consciousness to semi-consciousness.

I am probably the only person alive who finds spring unsettling. Transition from winter to spring has always been a challenge.

So, today was particularly confusing. Spring was positively seeping around every corner, and yet, it was the start of the Iditarod today.

I try to embrace every season. Really, I do. Except spring. I bristle.

Spring is the messiest of seasons. It's a sloppy toddler with enormous feet who spreads mud everywhere. Spring is wet. And dank. It smells bad - all that wet and dankness.

Today I ventured for a three mile hike with Gwennie in the puddle-wonderful thicket of spring. This was her first solo outing with just me since the puppies were born. It was gorgeous and obnoxious: a blinding sun filled the sky. There was still a good snow base in the woods, but evidence of spring thaw was every where in the bubbles below the frozen pond.

Spring gurgles to the surface, gasping for air like it nearly drowned. Calling attention to itself. Such drama. Spring. Even the name itself - "Spring" - is an obnoxiously dramatic onomatopoeia.

But I suppose spring will spring whether I like it or not, so I try to embrace it.

What better way to embrace it than by having a puppy reunion in the snow!

Lucy frolics in the snow with her siblings

Bolt, 9 weeks

Amanda and Bolt, 9 weeks

Kerouac and Lucy got to frolic with their sibling, Bolt, who is near us. Her other siblings are now far away in Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa. But we are so happy Bolt is still nearby at our friend Amanda's small "farm." The puppies went exploring in a major way this weekend, and discovered the fun of playing in a wood pile...

Lucy and Kerouac exploring the wood pile

And the strange delight of chickens!

Lucy boldly ventured right into the chicken coop. Bolt has been afraid of Amanda's chickens, but she figured if the runt was undaunted, she could be brave and enter too!

They played with each other, and with each other's toys...

Kerouac inside Bolt's crate with her Kong toy! Trying to look inconspicuous

And they grew tired of playing with each other and got crabby as only siblings can do.

Lucy may be small, but she's learned how to dish it out when she's had enough of being picked on!

At the end of the day, all puppies were super tired from several hours of romping together.

Lucy sleeping

Except for Bolt, who is like an Energizer bunny!

Bolt trying to sneak up on a sleeping Lucy. Go to sleep, Bolt!

Puppies weren't the only ones who became sleepy after the play date.

Byron, Amanda's husband, stuck to napping with Lilly the kitty during puppy play time

May your transitions into slumber be peaceful, puppies (and Byron)!


  1. A friend and I went dog sledding today in Breckenridge, CO. Woo Hoo! What a blast! Now I understand why you love it. Loved the ride, the dogs and the whole experience. Hi to tough girl Lucy.

  2. I,too, try to embrace all the seasons with equanimity. However, the season of mud is a bit difficult to embrace. It is with sadness that I bit winter adieu...


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