Thursday, March 25, 2010

New site for some upcoming changes!

"I wish I'd see a field below
I wish I'd hear a rooster crow
But there are none who live downtown
so the day starts out so slow." Regina Spektor

Soon, the Lazy Husky Ranch will find itself across from one helluva field: a 100 acre corn field.

We've been searching, and praying and thinking about relocating the ranch for quite some time. Anyone who says prayers aren't answered isn't doing it right.

Our prayers have been answered. Shortly, hopefully in May, we will move the ranch from our one acre plot of land to a seven acre, cathedral-ceilinged, beautiful ranch far away from the outskirts of Akron where we currently live. Complete with barn on the premises, which will be home to chickens. And maybe a rooster. And maybe a goat. I've always loved goats. :-)

What this means is: I will finally be able to run dogs right out of the yard this coming fall! I have spent so much time this last season trucking the dogs to and from our training site. What this also means is I can finally move forward with developing the kennel and becoming more competitive.

To say I am excited is a gross understatement!

To celebrate and help with the development of the new kennel, I've launched a new web site, the new electronic home for the Ranch. I will still be posting to this blog, but will also keep a more specific blog on this new site just related to training and training theory.

Take a listen to this song, quoted above, and transport yourself to the 100 acre field that will soon be below our property!

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