Thursday, June 17, 2010


Blue faded from water and weather at the marina at West Branch State Park

We planned it for mid-week, when things would be less crowded. The weather was supposed to be good. My best friend from high school was up visiting from Kentucky. This camping trip was long overdue.

It would be awesome to have an actual paddlin' buddy! I usually paddle in complete solitude. So we planned a kayak trip too.

Kim and Sophie kayaking with me on the lake - what a treat!

We packed up the hammock and prepared for some girl time, just Kim, the kidlets Sophie and Elise, and me.

Hammock hog

I was happy to see my friend, Mr. Blue Heron, was back fishing along side the lake.

The kids played on the beach while Kim and I watched the sun go down and talked and talked. We had a lot to catch up on. Then we made a fire and roasted dinner over it - and had a feast! Melon, strawberries, pasta salad, bread, cheese, fresh salsa and cilantro and turkey dogs over an open fire.

Elise was a happy camper

That evening, Kim pulled out her guitar and we made up silly songs about fireflies.

Embrace all seasons. Enjoy the company of good people. Enjoy the simple joys in life. Namaste.

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