Sunday, June 13, 2010

Foxy, our matriarch

Foxy has been a couch potato for about a year and a half.

Until last week.

On a very cold night in January, 2009, she decided on an extremely rare fluke to break the fence and run away with her kennel mates, Mandy and Yeti. In a tragic accident that will haunt me forever, she was hit by a car that frigid night and found by a police officer who took her to the local Humane Society where I recovered her two days later. Mandy was never found. I was devastated by the loss of Mandy. I still think about her almost daily, holding onto a ridiculous hope that someday she will possibly reappear.

It was after this horrible accident that I started chaining all of the dogs up in the kennel. At 13 years of age, Foxy had a broken pelvis from being hit by the car. Our vet told us the prognosis was grim, at her age, and surgery, if we chose that route, would be outrageously expensive starting at $3,000...and risky, because of her age.

But, our vet said it would be possible for her to heal, with lots of rehabilitation, patience and TLC.

Maybe it was because I lost Mandy that I was so determined to do all I could to help Foxy. I started a fund to help raise the necessary funds needed for her surgery. And, in the meantime, she rested on our sofa. I carried her 62 pound body outside every few hours to go to the bathroom, and I brought food and water to her so she never had to leave the sofa.

So Foxy took up residence on our sofa. I massaged her hip, carried her, fed her, and with patience and time, she healed. But she still wanted to remain on the sofa!

So I wasn't sure how she would react when I moved her to the new kennels at our new place last week.

What a beautiful, beautiful girl Foxy is prancing like a puppy in the wildflowers that grow at our new place! She is like a puppy again, and seems so genuinely happy to be back with her pack in the kennels.

I free run my dogs daily. It's my favorite part of the day.

Here is a video of a free run I did with some of the dogs on Sunday afternoon. Watch Foxy prancing. At 14 1/2, she still has the heart of a puppy.

Namaste, goodnight.

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  1. Oh, YAY or Foxy-- and kudos to you for nurturing her so. And now you're going to think I've lost my marbles--Ginsberg moves very much like Yeti...hmmmmmmm


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