Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside, but the dogs are on FIRE!

I went on a long, two hour run tonight with the fur kids on our first really cold run of the season. Two hours straddling a four-wheeler at 19 degrees is a bit numbing, even in the best of gear, but the dogs did phenomenal! They're naturally picking up their average speed by leaps and bounds now that the temps have really dropped. Our first race is about five weeks away, and we really have to make the most of that time with long, frequent runs throughout December. And with so many other activities going on - several presentations at local libraries as well as talks in downtown Akron, not to mention the holi-daze - my head is spinning just thinking about the next month.

But tonight, out with the dogs under a clear, winter sky and a gazillion stars staring down at us, my head was a blank slate.

Out there, it smelled of hardwood burning and the crisp, winter air. I snuggled down in my parka and neck gaiter, cold, but marveling at the fabulous night sky.

And my fabulous dogs.

They look amazing right now, all lean and muscled up from training all fall!

Racing gives me a solid goal to train for, but just being outside with the dogs is what it's all about. As I sat studying their gait tonight, I realized with pride that I have trained every one of my dogs from puppies, with the exception of Gwennie. I envisioned next season, with this current batch of pups grown as yearlings and running miles on training runs. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

By the way, I don't think it was "officially" announced: they are the "Jazz" litter. Their names are: Coltrane, Miles, Parker, Thelonious and Brubeck (boys) and Ella, Etta and Dinah (girls).

Their little eyes opened this weekend, and they are growing like crazy.

My big boy, Thelonious, named after Thelonious Monk

Puppies are certainly a nice way to start dogs.

Ella all curled up

Stay warm, and as always....

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  1. Hi there! I'm a friend of Amanda Stanoszek, and I stumbled upon your blog through hers. Just wanted to comment and say Thelonious is adorable! A cookies n' cream puppy!


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