Saturday, November 27, 2010

The dogs "pull" Santa into Akron during the Welcome Santa parade

The team just before take off with the keg. Photo by Amanda Stanoszek

After the keg pull, the dogs and I did a "meet and greet" with spectators. There was an estimated 1,000+ people at the ceremony and 10 minutes of fireworks after our run, so the dogs were really put to the test. My friend Amanda Stanoszek took this photo below; you can tell Jack was really frazzled...NOT!

Jack gives a hug to an adoring spectator at the tree lighting festival last night

The next morning, Amanda, the dogs and I had the opportunity to "pull" Santa into town for the Welcome Santa parade. We used my sled and made it look as if Santa was arriving to town via dogsled.

Amanda and I looked like Eskimos on the float in our parkas!

And so begins, officially, the holiday season - what I like to call the "holi-daze." Enjoy your family this holiday season. Consider a "buy nothing" Christmas. Remember the real meaning behind Christmas ...and love the one you're with, including your fur kids.

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