Friday, November 26, 2010

The dogs pull a keg of beer into Lock 3 - downtown Akron

What a rush!

As I said in a previous post, the dogs and I were very busy this weekend! We were honored to be invited to partake in an unusual sort of tree lighting ceremony in downtown Akron last night.

A few months ago, my high school friend Suzie, who works for the City of Akron, invited me to lunch to discuss the possibility of involving the dogs in this season's holiday ceremonies downtown. I was excited, but a bit skeptical. So many unknown variables come into play when involving animals in any event; mix in the other unknown variable of the public, and things could get disastrous quickly.

But over the course of the last few months, it became clear to me that Deputy Mayor, Dave Lieberth was intent on making grand things happen with the dogs.

His plan was to not only offer dogsled presentations and rides (weather permitting) downtown, but to also have the dogs deliver the keg of beer from the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company into downtown's historic Lock 3 park for the annual keg tapping and tree lighting ceremony!

I knew I needed the help of an experienced dog handler by my side. And who better than my wonderful friend and fellow musher, Amanda Stanoszek! She also loaned me the use of her great lead dog, Hoover, to run lead alongside my Yeti.

Things were quite crazy last evening as we drove into downtown Akron. I didn't yet know the route the dogs were to "mush" on, nor did we know how to get the truck to the staging area. Thanks to several police officers, we found our way, and at the last minute, everything went off without a hitch!

Chris managed to film during all the mayhem, and below is a three and a half minute synopsis of the events.

I am SO proud of my amazing fur kids, and so thankful to have such a small but mighty cast of friends to go along with me on this wild ride! It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving - one I won't soon forget - and I have many things to be thankful for!

Enjoy the ride!

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