Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shooting to stay alive

Sometimes, like a compulsion, my trigger finger itches.

Head cocked, left eye squinting, I cradle my lens with my left hand and the body of the Canon with my right. Then, I take aim and shoot.

Unlike other triggers, the trigger of this gun – my Canon – gives life, not only to my subjects, but to me as well, for sometimes it feels as though I must shoot to stay alive.

Sophie and I discovered an old, abandoned Chevy van near the Ranch recently. This eye-shaped window became a nice frame for a photo
There should be more time now that dog season is over. One would think, anyway. But spring is the time we put on our cowhide gloves and get to work cleaning up what winter left behind. Days slip away in the busy hum that is spring. Spring clean up astounds me every year. Snow that's disappeared quickly reveals all the things that were hiding for the last few months. I putt around on our seven acres on the four wheeler dragging the wagon behind picking up fallen branches, blown trash and other debris.

But spring is also time for birth and life. 
Jezebel, the Golden Campine chick
Spring babies and new friends at the Ranch

Spring is the time to ride herd.

Spring is the time to pull out the stops on all the new projects.

Spring also seemed like a perfect time to start investing in next dog season! What better way than with a new truck!

My new truck: a 2008 Nissan Titan 5.6L V8 4x4. This baby should get me through the snow in comfort next season!

Enjoy the seasons as they evolve. Maybe I shoot photos to remember how fortunate I am, and what awesome beauty there is in this world.

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