Friday, April 22, 2011

Diamond dog...chickens???

Yes, it's true. I have a real love of chickens. And here on the Ranch, spring means adding to our chicken populous.
Elise aka "The Chicken Whisperer" is our designated chicken tamer. She has the Midas Touch when it comes to chickens.

We took an entire day last week to travel to Polk, Ohio in Amish Country to Meyer Hatchery  for eight new babies. Meyer Hatchery is one of Elise's favorite places. There is nothing quite like playing with a bunch of day-old chicks!

This is Fifi, the Salmon Faverolle. These chicks are rare in that they have five toes (chickens normally have four) and feathers on their feet!

Last year's chicks are now beautiful hens that provide a bounty of eggs daily on the Ranch. I call them "The Ladies." After being safely in our dark barn all winter, they have enjoyed free ranging on these sunny spring days, grazing on grasses and weeds - which provide the best eggs.

One of our Golden Lakenvelder ladies sunning herself

Some people say chickens and sled dogs can't live on the same property. I think with proper enclosures and supervision, it is possible. The chickens do keep a watchful eye out, though.

Reggae, Sophie's Polish Crested is ever vigilant

Our chickens have become like pets here. Who knew chickens could be so loving and calm! I used to be afraid of birds. Now I look so forward to my time with the ladies!

Lola, one of our Golden Buff's, likes to perch on my forearm for a visit
The favorite thing that the Ladies like best is when I throw fresh sunflower and other seeds down for a treat for them. They're spoiled chickens!

Happy Easter from our chicks!

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  1. My huskie chickens are big and strong,
    They pull the sled
    All day long,
    And after they run
    They lay eggs and rest,
    My dogsled chickens
    are the best.

    Now, do the sled dogs like chickens or chicken? That one little "s" makes a world of difference in the life of a chicken. I myself, I like a chicken. But usually a Cornish hen is enough for my appetite.
    One other thing -- if I may insert a little plug here -- your chickens may be interested in becoming members of the C.A.L. -- the Chicken Anti-Defamation League. This organization works tirelessly around the world to dispel the notion that chickens are not strong-willed and courageous. If they have their way, no one will ever play chicken again.


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