Sunday, May 1, 2011

"In Just spring when the world is mud-luscious's spring, when the world is puddle-wonderful...."

Rain, rain, rain. 
It seems to constantly rain here on the Ranch lately. April showers and all that. But, geesh! this is getting ridiculous! The grounds surrounding the Ranch are sopping and wet. The dogs' kennels are full of water; they balance on the pallets under their houses like tight-rope-walkers, tip-toeing so as not to step a toe into the muddy abyss below.
And yet, each day, no matter what the weather, I don my Gortex bibs and parka and head out on the four wheeler to greet my pack. They are my little family. We free-run the seven acres of the Ranch together - me on the four wheeler leading the way, and sometimes eight to 10 dogs at a time.  
Afterward, we are all more Zen.

The "puppies" - now five months old - sunning themselves on the back deck. From clockwise from bottom, Thelonious, Miles, and Brubeck from the "Jazz" litter.
The dogs are good dogs, and I am proud of them. They all fit together like a well-oiled machine, and each has their role to play. Yeti, my main leader, is the clown who enjoys being harassed by the girls and being a mentor to the puppies. Ruffian and Big Brown, the sisters, are silly. Freya is a horse who gives the best hugs ever! Aspen is a wily yearling. Jack is reserved and loves to roam. Kerouac is the big brother for the puppies. Tak is shy and demure. Gwennie loves the boys. Lucy is the eternal puppy. Foxy is the matriarch.

The list goes on and on.

Where would I be without my pack?

When the day has been long and difficult, they ground me. They are real and don't hide how they feel - about each other, or me. "Pretend" is not in their vocabulary. 

So, while we all try to stay dry, we enjoy each other. And we enjoy the dawn of another spring.

Enjoy your spring - and stay dry!


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