Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back of the pack is fine with me

This sign looks ominous in a U.P. winter

A lot has happened and the postings have taken a backseat to dogs, races and good conversation with people I am proud to call my second family. I've taken over 500 pictures which I will post soon as I get my laptop fixed. It died shortly after my arrival at Sleddog Lodge - something I am hugely distraught by.

Windswept snow forms small funnel clouds drifting over Lake Michigan as I head south over the Mackinaw bridge toward home today. Small mountains of ice caps stack along the frigid coastline; a lone barge sits about a mile out from shore encased in ice. I am always taken by the beauty of this wintry landscape and the hearty people and animals I know as friends here.
At the starting chute

My placement in the six dog class at the Tahquamenon race was in the back of the pack at 23rd out of 26. But we had a clean 28 mile run and finished strong with all six huskies on the line, tired but happy. And that's the most important thing. Considering I had four yearlings in my team, including a yealing leader named Toast who was on the tail end (no pun intended) of being in heat, I'm happy!
My crazy team getting ready for the start: (from back) Yeti, Fudge, Jack, Coco (nose visible only), Riley, and Toast

Many thanks to Jim, Jennifer and Whitney Warren for allowing me the use of Fudge, Coco, Toast and Riley, all of whom are excellent Alaskan huskies with a ton of drive and heart. I will miss you all and think of you with gratitude. Congrats to Joann and Larry Fortier for placing third and seventh in the eight dog pro class and to Laura Bontrager for winning the six dog! Awesome job!
Crossing the finish line!
More to come!

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  1. Thanks Shannon!! It was great hanging out more this weekend. See you soon!


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